Why you should shampoo twice...

Have you noticed when you go to a salon the hairdresser often shampoos your hair twice? Or read the bottle and seen that it says rinse and repeat? 

Many people wonder whether there is actually a need to shampoo your hair twice or if it is just a marketing ploy to sell you more shampoo.

Here is some information about shampooing twice and why it is necessary.

Many cheaper, lower quality shampoos contain the same detergents as washing up liquid which is the reason they lather so much. These products do clean your hair, however they also seriously damage it. Salon professional products, such as Beever, do not contain these harmful ingredients, therefore they work harder to get your hair clean without damaging it.

The first wash will remove any styling products such as hairspray, heat protectant, volumiser etc. or environmental build up and effectively will clean your hair, however this build up acts as barrier and may prevent the shampoo reaching and removing excessive oils. Therefore, once the first wash has removed this build up the second wash will ensure the hair is clean and the scalp is free from any excessive oils. Remember, you don’t need a lot of shampoo for the second wash, a small drop will do.

If your hair sometimes still feels greasy after washing, it may be because you need to wash twice to reach excessive oils. .

We recommend washing your hair every two to three days and also recommend shampooing twice in order to ensure any product within the hair has been removed and also any excessive oils.

So, when shampoo bottles say rinse and repeat on them it isn’t necessarily a marketing technique to sell more of the brands products, especially on the higher quality, professional products, it may actually be necessary for you! If you wash your hair twice a week or use a lot of product, try shampooing twice and see if you can see or feel a difference.