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Mia’s Story

Mia's Reason Why...

I have really long, thick hair so I’ve tried a million products to keep up with it, and I can honestly say up until this point Beever is the only one that works for me.

Since I’ve started using it I regularly get compliments that my hair always looks silky! So becoming a Beever Partner was an obvious choice, it’s easy to sell something you love…I just want to show other women how to get great hair too!

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Rachel’s Story

Rachel's Reason Why...

“I love running my Beever business around my other commitments and family. Not only does my hair look and feel it’s best; it’s great to see my customers results and get their feedback too.

My family, work colleagues and friends use Beever now and I couldn’t go back to using anything else!

The extra income it’s given me has paid for our recent holiday and that was a wonderful feeling knowing that my Beever business commission had paid for it “

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Jodie’s Story

Jodie's Reason Why...

“In all my years of hairdressing Beever is the first product I found that actually works.

A brand that is so honest, reliable and the company is willing to help you in every way. I’ve had the most amazing feedback from clients old and new.

I enjoy all the people involved, it’s a big family that will only get better and better. Thank you for letting me be part of your family.”