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Rose’s Story

Rose's Reason Why...

My main hair goals is hair volume! I regularly use the volume dust to complete my look and give my that all-night hair height, I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and now we all use it when we go out!

Since recommending products to my friends, some of them have joined my Beever team, and now we all do it together, name something better than working with your friends!

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Mia’s Story

Mia's Reason Why...

I have really long, thick hair so I’ve tried a million products to keep up with it, and I can honestly say up until this point Beever is the only one that works for me.

Since I’ve started using it I regularly get compliments that my hair always looks silky! So becoming a Beever Partner was an obvious choice, it’s easy to sell something you love…I just want to show other women how to get great hair too!

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Anna’s Story

Anna's Reason Why...

Working as a Beever partner gives me the flexibility to work from home straight from my phone!

I was really looking for a position that gives me that freedom to work when and how I want to.

I was quite new to Beever products when I started, but now I’ve seen the difference in my hair, why didn’t anyone ask me to be a partner sooner?