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I am a full time mum to Sam and Jack who are 2 and 18 months. I was made redundant from my job when I was 8 months pregnant with Sam and when I wanted to return to work I wanted to do something that was flexible and allowed me to manage family life. I loved the no pressure approach the business offers. With no monthly targets to meet, I can put my family first and put the extra time in where possible. It has been a very manageable extra source of income and I hope to expand on that with some courses from the Beever Styling Academy this year. I am now really starting to look forward to learning about hair styling and hope to offer mobile hair styling services to friends and clients.


I decided to become a Haircare Consultant as I am really into hair and cosmetics. I'm a nail technician and I wanted to know more about haircare and hair styling. I love providing advice on which products to use for different hair types and the products are proving to be real hit with my friends! I have started to get repeat orders through now and I am looking forward to taking this to the next stage by joining the Beever Styling Academy.


I became a Beever hair care consultant just three months ago and I am really enjoying it. It is flexible and you can put in as much or as little as you want depending on how you want it to work for you. It fits in well with my busy lifestyle as a mum running around after a 2 year old. In the future I would like to do hair styling for events and weddings. I have built up quite a customer base already and have really enjoyed getting out and talking to clients.


I joined as a hair care consultant because I am studying to be a beautician at college and thought this would be a great way to earn extra income doing something I am interested in. I have started providing hair care consultations to my friends and family and have been promoting this through Facebook. I love the fact that I can now provide hair care consultations to my friends and clients and I have been getting a great response to the advice and the products I have suggested for their hair types and styling preferences. I am also going to do a pop-up shop in May at a fashion event a friend is organising which is going to be a great opportunity to attract new clients.