Are Beever Hair products suitable for vegans?

We always aim to make our products vegan where possible, however in the case of certain products this is not possible without affecting performance. We never compromise on quality and performance at Beever. All our products are 100% vegetarian & the following products are vegan:- Colour Shield Shampoo(100% vegan)-Gloss Drops(100% vegan)-Argan Oil(100% vegan)-Balancing Shampoo(100% vegan)-Junior Body Wash(100% vegan)-Junior Shampoo(100% vegan)

Are Beever Hair products tested on animals?

Never. We don’t believe in animal cruelty, none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals and we refuse to sell into countries that test on animals.

What are the benefits of Beever hair care products?

They’re high quality salon formulations designed by hairdressers (who know what the product needs to do). Our shampoos and conditioners are based around the building blocks of hair to help repair and maintain a youthful look.

We don’t use harsh chemicals, SLS, synthetic detergents, parabens or unnatural fragrances, which helps to keep the scalp healthy. We only use quality ingredients, so you don’t get a watered-down retail product.

We are all about anti-ageing, anti-polluting professional salon formulations, quality ingredients, no synthetic detergent, parabens, SLS. Owned and designed by hairdressers with the input from our specialist trichologists & proud to be British.

What’s the difference between your junior range to the adult shampoo and body wash?

Our Junior range is very gentle, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, children’s hair does not need repairing so we don’t have anything in the shampoo other than gentle cleansers. Our body wash just like our shampoo is free from SLS, Synthetic detergent and parabems which most other body washes are not.

What do Beever hair care products smell like?

Every product smells different; gentle and developed with our customers feedback. We only use natural ingredients so all the fragrances in our products are derived from natural extracts and essential oils. Rest assured you will love how your hair smells and feels after use.

What products would you recommend for heat protection?

Heat Shield protects at temperatures above 200c, brilliant protection when you use any straighteners, so important if you regularly straighten your hair. Our Daily Revive also gives great protection from the Sun’s UV rays, but is not a heat shield type product.

What styling products would you recommend to aid blow drying and hold style?

You should always use our Heat Shield spray to protect your hair when blow drying or styling with hot irons. Our Sculpting Lotion is great for holding both curly or slicked back styles, plus our Root Boost helps to hold styles that need volume.

What hair styling products would you recommend to help control frizz?

Gloss Drops, Sculpting lotion (for blow drying), our stylist anti frizz brush, Rich Repair will all give your Salon performance at home when used correctly.