Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Great question – How much does it cost to buy a business that could really make a difference to your earnings and lifestyle, one where you are in charge !  It all starts with our ‘less than half price’ business starter pack – £78.90 including delivery. Our specially priced starter pack saves you over 60% and also provides you with a great range of Beever Haircare products that you can experience for yourself + all the tools you need for a fantastic start to your new business – samples, marketing materials, work book, your personalised website and a range of digital assets that you can copy and paste to hit the ground running.

How old do you need to be to become a Consultant?

We encourage anybody over the age of 16 to become part of our fabulous opportunity, all we ask is your enthusiastic, committed, passionate about what you do, and have a real desire to succeed.

Can I recruit anyone in Europe or any other countries to become a Consultant?

We really have our hands full with the UK mainland right now, so the only way for customers to buy our great hair care products elsewhere in Europe is direct from our website.

How are the products sold? Can I sell on selling sites?

This up to you really, face to face, on your social media sites, at events, via the online shop that we provide you with.  We don’t really think it’s a great idea for you to sell on direct selling shopping sites as we want your customers to engage, build a relationship and be your customers for life.  Shopping sites also often take a big commission and try to sell other products to your customers.

How much can I earn ?

At Beever we don’t believe in setting earnings limits, we believe in rewarding effort so the more you put in the more you get out.  It’s all about building a good team and engaging with your customers, in our experience if you follow our model just 10-15 hours a week can easily earn you £500+ a month, our Platinum level consultants can earn £3,000+.  We are not just about the earnings though, we have regular exciting incentives anyone can win, including fabulous Spa Weekends, Love2shop vouchers, and our Annual Destination Beever ‘1 week fully paid luxury holiday competition’.

Do I have to recruit ?

No, not at all like we say you run your business your way. In our experience though building a team is great fun, social and supporting of your business, not to mention extra sales earnings for you, so we do help & encourage you to recruit.

Do I need to use all Social Media platforms ?

No, use what you’re comfortable with, however 1 of the many reasons to join Beever is for personal growth, so rest assured we will train, support and give you all the assets you need to develop your business. Facebook, Insta, Pinterest, or Twitter we are with you, whatever you decide.

Who would support me ?

All our new joiners are assigned an upline manager as well access to our National Sales & Training Manager.  Joining a team, you will have the help of all your Beever Colleagues as well as all the assets we provide to get you going.  Linking up and getting to know your team is great fun and a brilliant way share ideas and expand your social circle.

Do I have to achieve a minimum order value each month to stay active if I don’t sell anything will I be taken off the system ?

No, while we have no minimum order value each month, we do ask that to remain as a Beever Business owner, at least 1 order (any value) should be placed within 3 months to remain active.  We will off course always inform you should we ever have to do that, but we are right behind you to support you all the way.

How many hours do I have to work?

It’s completely up to you! You work WHEN you want, WHERE you want & HOW you want. We recommend 10-15 hours a weeks as an average but completely up to you – remember the more hours you put in the more you earn & grow

I already work full time and I don’t want to give up my job.

Great, many of our Beever Business partners work their businesses around their existing jobs and family lives. Choose to work when your available.  Beever works for every lifestyle. 

I want to join but don’t have many contacts.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many of our new Consultants say exactly that, they don’t know enough people, but we train, support & give you all the tools to utilise the power of social media – Instagram, Facebook etc, it’s amazing how many new people you come into contact with.  Your Training Manager will be delighted to help you build up your contact list, so you can launch & grow your business quickly.

I’ve never been in sales before ?

Selling is fun especially when your helping people look fantastic – people really care about their hair and what’s more hair products always need replacing regularly.  Our totally natural products sell themselves all you have to do is speak to people about them. Beever is a fun and social business; if you love the idea of meeting new people and making them feel great about themselves, then this is for you!

Are there loads of targets that I have to hit?

Absolutely not, you make the rules. Whatever goals you set yourself are the goals we will work towards with you. Whether it’s a holiday or a brand new car, you decide how much you want to earn. To help you start earning quickly, you will even be part of our accelerated fast start program putting extra ££’s in your pocket.

Do I have to deliver the products myself?

Not at all, we deliver direct to your customers, some Beever business owners do like to have everything delivered to them and they deliver it by hand. The choice is yours and we make the process completely hassle free for you.

I want to join, what do I do next?
That couldn’t be easier just go hit register in the top right corner of your screen. Alternatively if you want more information before you sign up email and one of our friendly managers will contact you to answer any questions you may have still have.


Are our products vegan?

We always aim to be Vegan where possible, however in the case of certain products this is not possible without affecting performance.  We never compromise quality & performance at Beever ! All our products are Vegetarian & the following are Vegan too : Colour Shield Shampoo, Gloss Drops, Argan Oil, Balancing Shampoo, Junior Body Wash and Shampoo

Are our products tested on animals?

No we don’t believe in animal cruelty, none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals and we refuse to sell into countries that test on animals.

Why our products better? 

They’re high quality salon formulations designed by hairdressers (who know what the product needs to do). Our shampoos and conditioners are based around the building blocks of hair to help repair and maintain a youthful look.  We don’t use harsh chemicals, SLS, synthetic detergents, parabens or un natural fragrance which helps keep the scalp healthy. We only use quality ingredients, so you don’t get a watered-down retail product

What are our USP’s?

We are all about Anti-ageing, anti-polluting professional salon formulations, quality ingredients, no synthetic detergent, parabens, SLS. Owned and designed by hairdressers with the input from our specialist Trichologists & proud to be British.

Do we do a children’s range & what’s so different from adult shampoo ?

Our Junior range is very gentle, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, children’s hair does not need repairing so we don’t have anything in the shampoo other than gentle cleansers. Our body wash just like our shampoo is free from SLS, Synthetic detergent and parabems which most other body washes are not.

What do they smell like? 

Every product smells different, gentle and developed with our customers feedback.  Rest assured you will love how your hair smells and feels after use.

What products would you recommend for Heat Protection?

Heat shield protects at temperatures above 200c, brilliant protection when you use any straighteners, so important if you regularly straighten your hair.  Our Daily Revive also gives great protection from the Sun’s UV rays, but is not a heat shield type product.

What styling products would you recommend for curly hair?

Curl Definition, Argan Oil, Sculpting Lotion work fabulously

What styling products would you recommend to aid blow drying and hold style?

Our Sculpting Lotion or Root Boost offer Salon performance at home.

What styling products would you recommend to help control frizz?

Gloss Drops, Sculpting lotion (for blow drying), our stylist anti frizz brush, Rich Repair will all give your Salon performance at home when used correctly.