Hair Colour Shield Protection Hair Conditioner

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Hair Colour Shield Protection Hair Conditioner
Hair Colour Shield Protection Hair Conditioner
  • Hair type: Chemically Coloured Hair
  • 1 x 280 ml/9.47 fl.oz
  • Intense moisturising conditioner
  • Repairs damage
  • Protects colour
  • Increases radiance and shine
  • Leaves hair silky
  • UV Protection
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Colour and Keratin treatment safe
  • Free from parabens and sodium chloride
  • 100% Vegetarian and Cruelty Free

Beever Hair Care rich, rejuvenating Colour Shield conditioner extends the life of your colour while soothing over-processed, colour-treated hair. Designed to magnify and enrich the hue of your colour it also protects your hair from the environmental damage of UV light.


  • BEEVER Signature KAAP (Keratin Amino Acid Protein) Complex defends hair from oxidative stress, photo-aging and the deterioration of natural keratin chains while protecting from the drying and damaging effects of the elements. This also helps to restore elasticity, strengthening hair and preventing breakage.
  • Aloe Vera repairs and renews from deep within the cortex of the hair, whilst promoting hair growth and delivering antioxidant, conditioning and hair-strengthening properties.
  • Sweet Almond Oil repairs damage by penetrating the root to fortify, deeply nourish and strengthen the cuticle from the inside out while also stimulating scalp circulation and rejuvenating hair follicles.
  • Vegetable Protein Amino Acids strengthen and provide heat-activated protection against the damaging and drying effects of thermal styling.
  • Keratin building blocks strengthen damaged hair and protect the surface of the hair shaft, penetrating the cortex to provide anti-aging benefits, maintain hair strength and prevent UV degradation.

How to use:

  • Apply a generous amount after washing the hair with Colour Shield Shampoo
  • Leave in for 2 -5 minutes (while showering)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • For BEST results use in conjunction with other BEEVER products
Hair Colour Shield Protection Hair Conditioner
Hair Colour Shield Protection Hair Conditioner